Our YEAR OF VOLUNTEER is still in full force.  We currently are keeping our social distance but looking for creative ways to give back.

Take some of this time at home to look through your clothes, lines and household items.  We are certain there are items that can be put to a better use than keeping space in a closet.  Look around your town for local organization to donate.  Clothes Cabin is a great spot for everything.  Here are some examples below on what they are looking for.

closth cabin.jpg

April 2019

Because of our amazing sponsors and participants, we were able to raise over $5000 in cash and provide almost $1000 in gift cards to go to foster kids in need.  Thank you all for making this a great success!

Next week....registration begins!.jpg

Special Thank you to our sponsors to help make these events possible.

Fall Event 2017

DEVILS DOING GOOD AND THE HENRY'S RAISED OVER $6000 FOR THE CHILDREN OF ICAN! Thank you to Nandos in Chandler who hosted this event so that 100% of ticket cost went directly to ICAN




LOST OUR HOME PET RESCUE is one of the only shelters in AZ that opens their doors for children over the age of 7 to volunteer. Their services to help those in need will blow your mind. 

Click here to learn more and to sign up to volunteer

lost our home pet.jpg


AZCEND creates a welcoming environment for their volunteers educating them about all they do for the community.

Click here to learn more and to sign up to volunteer.

Fall Event 2016

Devils Doing Good Launch Event for The Chandler CARE Center Raised $4000! It was completely sold out and 100% of the ticket costs went directly to the center

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