Once we are able to get out and socialize, we will be putting our focus towards a new nonprofit called Lily's Pad.  Lily's Pad is the first  Hyper Clean Facility for immunocompromised Children to play like typical kids!  They are in the beginning stages of creating this well deserved space and will need all the help they can get.  Stay tuned to hear dates and how you can help. 


Current Events:

Year of Volunteer Activities

Due to the current situation, we are encouraging everyone to stay focused on our Year of Volunteer.  If you can focus on the good that is all around, the world shines a little more. 

This is the perfect time to see what in your home you can donate.  

Last month, we were able to visit an amazing organization "Lost Our Home Pet Rescue."  They are always in need of blankets and towels.  Gently used or new animal toys and food.  

"The Clothes Cabin" is an amazing organzation that is always looking for mens clothing as well as women and children.  Take a look and see what you have not worn in a while and pass it along.